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In American Gods' New Season 3 Trailer, A Stranger Comes to Town

A young boy, potentially Shadow in a flashback, being confronted by a god.
A young boy, potentially Shadow in a flashback, being confronted by a god.
Screenshot: Starz
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Despite the fact that Starz’s American Gods has lost more than a few of the core characters that made the show’s first two seasons so compelling, the network’s barreling into a third chapter of Shadow Moon’s story that Neil Gaiman is confident will still be able to captivate audiences.


During a panel at this year’s digital-only New York Comic Con Metaverse event, Gaiman joined American Gods’ cast to discuss what season three has in store for the warring gods and otherworldly beings. Gaiman insisted that in season three, American Gods has a firmer grasp on who its players are and the series will give a number of its characters more depth. Actor Ricky Whittle specifically noted that, following season two’s revelations about Shadow Moon’s heritage, he’s going to begin seriously questioning what his true place in the world is. Season three, Whittle explains, brings Shadow to Lakeside, an important location from the original novel that here takes on a new significance.

“It becomes a very relevant storyline in today’s current climate where you have a stranger come into the town, an old kind of all-white traditional town, and you have this man of color come in and [there’s] an overwhelming surface positivity, but an underlying kind of darkness and suspicion,” Whittle said. “You kind of really feel that when you get into Lakeside, not everything is as it seems.”


In addition to the panel, which featured more insight into what’s next for American Gods, Starz also dropped a teaser trailer showing that when American Gods returns at some point in early 2021, it’s going to make an honest-to-god effort at recapturing that season one magic. Whether the show will be able to pull that off, though, we can’t yet know.


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Jubal Harshaw

Meh, I’ll probably watch when/if it returns, but after S2, I’ve lost most of my enthusiasm for it.