In Altered Carbon's Action-Packed Season 2 Trailer, Anthony Mackie Gets Ready for War

Anthony Mackie rolls up his, err, sleeve for Altered Carbon’s return.
Anthony Mackie rolls up his, err, sleeve for Altered Carbon’s return.
Image: Netflix
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Takeshi Kovacs may have a different body, but his life and goals haven’t changed. In the first full trailer for season two of Altered Carbon, Anthony Mackie steps into Joel Kinnaman’s “Stack” for an action-packed journey across the galaxy to find his lost love... but he might not like what he finds.


Following his huge Bay City investigation that led to the downfall of a powerful family, Takeshi Kovacs is searching for Quellcrist Falconer (Renée Elise Goldsberry), the revolutionary who taught him the value of the self in a world where bodies are disposable and the mind is eternal. He finds himself back on his home planet of Harlan’s World, accompanied by the AI of Edgar Allan Poe (Chris Conner), where he’s tasked with investigating a new series of murders—which end up being connected to Quellcrist.

Created by Laeta Kalogridis based on the book series by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon had a pretty solid debut with all the trappings of traditional cyberpunk. However, it did get a little in the weeds when tackling issues of identity—particularly about race, as Kinnaman was playing a character of Asian descent in a white man’s body. The first season featured Will Yun Lee in flashbacks as the original Takeshi Kovacs, and the actor looks to be returning (likely as a different person in his former body).

This trailer has definitely got me hyped for where things are going, with a lot of action and a return to the film noir elements that made the first season stand out. It’ll be interesting to see what Mackie’s portrayal of Takeshi is like and what he’ll bring to the role, though I’m curious how much of Kinnaman’s previous performance is going to influence it.

Altered Carbon debuts on Netflix with season two on February 27.

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