In ABC's First Trailer For The Crossing, Mysterious Migrants From a Future War Land in 2017 America

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If the shot of hundreds of bodies floating to the shore of a small fishing town wasn’t weird and creepy enough, what if they were the bodies of refugees fleeing from a terrible war in the future? That’s the premise behind ABC’s new mystery series, The Crossing, and it looks pretty damn intriguing so far.


ABC just dropped a bunch of new trailers for its fall season premieres, and although there’s not a hint of Marvel’s Inhumans in sight, it did give us a look at Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie’s new scifi show. The network would really like you to think it’s the next Lost.

Set in modern-day fishing town in Washington state, The Crossing is about the arrival of 47 survivors claiming to have escaped a horrifying war that begins 150 years in the future—and the strange dangers that come with them that threaten to kick off the war in 2017 instead. It’s full of intriguing, and maybe even superpowered characters, if the leaping woman is anything to go by. It’s sort of like The 4400, but somehow even more grim and depressing from the get-go.

The Crossing is set to begin this fall. [EW]

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