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In a New She-Ra Clip, Horde Prime Can't Get Over Adora's Fighting Spirit

Adora catching Horde Prime’s eye.
Adora catching Horde Prime’s eye.
Image: Netflix

She-Ra’s season four finale saw Adora make one of the most difficult decisions of her life when she realized that the only way to deactivate the destructive Heart of Etheria was to destroy her Sword of Protection. With its destruction, she lost access to the magical energies that made it possible for her to transform into a legendary warrior. But of course, that was never going to be the end of the hero’s journey.


In a newly released clip from season five, Adora and Etheria’s other protectors are still in the midst of a brutal war against Horde Prime and his fleet of killer robots—and, much to Adora’s dismay, she still can’t tap into her powers. The princesses of power all understand how difficult it is for Adora to come to grips with the reality that, at least at the season’s beginning, she’s a regular human with no magical powers, and they want her to know that they’ll always be there to support her.

But Adora’s never been the type to idly sit by and let others risk their lives if there’s anything she can do to be in the fray herself. Powers or not, she’s still got all of her Fright Zone training, and she’s just a capable of taking enemies out even if she doesn’t have a huge ass sword to slash them with.


She-Ra’s fifth and final season premieres on May 15.

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