In a gorgeous flooded city, a scavenger discovers that he isn't alone

The short film Contre temps (Against time) is set in a post-apocalyptic city that was long ago covered by rising tides. While exploring the city at low tide, however, a scavenger discovers another soul within the city.


This animated short was directed by Jérémi Boutelet, Thibaud Clergue, Tristan Ménard, Camille Perrin, Gaël Megherbi, and Lucas Veber as their graduation film, and it was an official selection at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and at Siggraph 2013. It uses the painterly quality of its CG animation to a particularly grand effect, creating a beautiful city reclaimed by sea life and a pair of characters who prove winning in the end.

Contre temps [via The Animation Blog]



Just to be clear "Against time" is the literal translation from french and is not right. The real translation of "un contre-temps" in english is "a setback".