In A Future When Humans No Longer Touch, A Girl Wants Both Love And Sex

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In the future of Gina Biggs' latest webcomic, Love Not Found, human beings no longer engage in physical contact of any kind, even engaging in sex through mutual pleasure machines. But when Abeille moves to a new planet, she finds herself longing for physical affection and looks for a partner in her experiments.


Biggs operates Filthy Figments (NSFW), a site the promotes erotic comics by female creators, but Love Not Found so far feels more akin to Biggs' earlier (non-erotic) romance webcomic, Red String. Red String followed a group of Japanese teenagers as they not only navigated romantic love, but also as they discovered their own personal passions. Similarly, Love Not Found isn't just a comic about sex and romance, but about self-discovery through romance.

Abeille recently moved to Monotropa, a garden planet with a limited human population. Many of Monotropa's residents are botanists, but Abeille works at the cafeteria at a nearby research facility. She leads a fairly contented, if somewhat lonely, existence, until the fateful day when she literally runs into Miel, a botanist at her company. Abeille can't shake the sensation of another person holding her. She develops a fascination with the idea of imperfect sex, of expressing affection through touch.

"I want to make mistakes and giggle with someone," Abeille tells a potential love interest. At its core, Love Not Found is a very sweet comic, but also a slightly sad one. On the one hand, Abeille is able to smile at her misadventures, chalking them up to experience. On the other, she has unusual reasons for coming to Monotropa, and while everyone around her lives and breathes nature, she can't seem to keep a plant alive. Still, her own personal fascinations may eventually connect her more deeply to the people around her and give her a different perspective on her plant-filled world than the humans who are content with their physical isolation.

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