In A Dystopian Future, These K-Pop Stars Will Become Anti-VR Terrorists

Our favorite K-Pop group 2NE1 are striking back against a virtual-reality gated community for the wealthy, in the epic music video for their new-ish song "Come Back Home." This is because one of their boyfriends lost himself in VR, using a bootleg setup and some crushed-up pills, to escape from the dystopian future.

Love the part where the bandmembers are in some kind of makeshift drug lab-looking place, creating bootleg VR apparati while the boyfriend is shaving his head. The final sequence where they trash the luxurious VR banquet and then commit acts of pop-star terrorism that eventually cause the whole Virtual Paradise is actually pretty awesome. Plus the song "Come Back Home" is my new "destroying a virtual playground for the rich" theme song.

And in case you missed it, 2NE1 are on a science fiction kick in general, with their "All or Nothing" tour.


Here they are performing "Come Back Home" on television, surrounded by dancers wearing "anti-VR terrorist" biker outfits:

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For sci-fi imagery in music, K-Pop does it best. I'm still partial to Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" but this is damn fine too. Even the sugary sweet girl groups get in on it.

K-Pop is my secret shame.