In a crushing blow to the egos of clever corvids everywhere, a group of Caledonian crows has been outwitted in a causality test by a bunch of human babies. "It's a rare failure," writes Khadim Shubber over at Wired, "but it appears they are unable to interpret cause and effect to create new solutions without direct experience of the events."


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Destination alpha Cygnus

This is a little off-topic, but I guess here is as good a place as any, if I may.

Can anyone recommend any SF stories of animals becoming intelligent? Aside from Planet of the Apes and Congo. I was thinking that if humans ever did discover a group of crows, say, who learned to light matches and fashion weapons, what would we do? Would we freak out, or try to build relations with an emergent civilization? After following the news on how sophisticated the mental lives of animals might be, I guess it's interesting to imagine animals taking the next step (however implausible). There was an episode of B5 that talked about two intelligent species sharing the same planet, and if I recall correctly, it didn't end well for either one. Anyone have any recommendations for SF books, stories, etc that explore this area? Thanks!