In a borderless world, everyone would move to Singapore

Well, not exactly. Yesterday Gallup released updated data detailing where the world's population would relocate if emigration were a non-issue. Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, and the United States were among the big gainers, whereas everyone wants to leave Somalia.

From Gallup:

Gallup's Potential Net Migration Index finds Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and Kuwait atop the list of countries that could see the highest net adult population growth from international migration. If all adults worldwide who desire to migrate permanently to other countries actually moved where they wanted today, each country would see their adult populations double or even triple [...]

There are also few changes among countries with the highest negative PNMI values — the ones that could potentially lose as much as half of their adult populations to migration. New additions Comoros and Somaliland join Liberia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Haiti, and Sierra Leone at the bottom of the list.


[Spotted on Foreign Policy. Center photo by Steve Bennett via WikiMedia Commons.]

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