In 2025, Doctor Who Will Merge With Its Own Video Game

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Screw this American seven-years-and-out model. The BBC's new Doctor Who series can run for another 20-plus years, just like the original version, says producer Russell T. Davies. The key is taking an occasional pause, like in 2009, when the show will only have three one-hour specials. Also, it wouldn't hurt to bring in fresh writers — and has Davies heard that Stephen Hall, author of the Clarke-nominated memory-eating psychic shark novel Raw Shark Texts, is foaming at the mouth to write for the show? Meanwhile, the new show has earned the ultimate badge of success: a new PC game, in development from EIDOS.



@Emilia: Has there ever been a male doctor? Oh, he's always been played by a male actor, granted. By human standards, he has masculine social role traits. I've always taken "half human, on my mother's side" as a kind of joke. Like saying someone really graceful "must be half cat". The doctor is a mammal in the same way the TARDIS is a police call box.

@SeeingI: Even better, the show doesn't have to worry about "canonicity". It's a Universe where time travel is practical- it's entirely reasonable to assume that events that we've witnessed have been erased from history.

At any rate, back to the original post: yes, fresh writers would be great. RTD should stop writing to make room for others. I won't fault his production ability, but his writing leaves something to be desired. He can't resolve a conflict without reaching for deus ex machina or the reset button, and he wants so badly to tie everything together in a neat package that we get "treats" like "The face of Boe, they called me". He actually drove my wife away from the show with that kind of idiotic crap, and she's taken refuge in Patrick Troughton era stuff (she adores the animated reconstruction of the Cybermen episode).