In 1994, the lost Torchwood/Star Trek crossover went down

In 1994, John Barrowman was a children's television show host with a devil-may-care hairdo. William Shatner was a man with a Fonz jacket and a movie to promote. Together, they unwittingly participated in the Doctor Who/Star Trek team-up Russell T. Davies was always keen to do.

[Via Reddit]

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Erik Sofge

Is it me, or does the mere mention of Torchwood inspire fits of rage over the Starz series? I feel like Torchwood is forever screwed. I can't even reach back to pre-Starz episodes. My memories keep regurgitating that stupid scene with the blood and the giant, magical orifice, and Gwen Cooper looking weirdly overstuffed, riding away from explosions on a motorcycle, and Pullman's completely lame speeches and totally pointless character.

Anyone know if there's talk, from any corner, of trying to make amends for that abomination?