In 1977, George Lucas Said He Wanted to Direct the Last Star Wars Movie

With Colin Trevorrow no longer directing Star Wars: Episode IX, everyone has begun speculating like crazy about who could take over. J.J. Abrams? Ava DuVernay? Rian Johnson? Well, one pretty prominent director called it 40 years ago: George Lucas.


In 1977, a few months after the first Star Wars was released and became a massive hit, Lucas spoke to Rolling Stone magazine and said the following:

I think the sequels will be much, much better. What I want to do is direct the last sequel. I could do the first one and the last one and let everyone else do the ones in between.


Now, in 1977, he was likely referring to what would become 1983's Return of the Jedi, a film he could have directed, but didn’t. He did, however, make three more Star Wars movies after that—though he’s since said he’s all but retired from directing these kinds of movies, and hasn’t really been a fan of what’s happened. So we’re mostly just pointing out a fun little coincidence.

But we know he still cares. He talks to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy about the franchise. So maybe he’d make an exception to put the final period on the Skywalker saga. I doubt it but, hey, wouldn’t it be fun?

On the other hand, there’s no way Star Wars Episode IX is going to be “the last sequel.” Just the last sequel, for now. So it’s probably best to just let things move along as they are.

[Rolling Stone, via @FutureBoy]


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

He’s 73 years old, worth 10 figures, hasn’t directed a movie since 2005, and hasn’t directed a good movie since 1977 (yup. He didn’t direct anything after ANH except the prequels). He has only directed 6 feature films in his life, only three of them were good, and they were the first three.

Which isn’t to say he can’t. I’m sure any number of commenters will come up with people with similar career arcs who directed great movies late in their careers. But it is to say that he probably shouldn’t be allowed to.