In 1900, Two Inventors Audition For A Stage Show About The Year 2000

The year is 1900 and Georges and Madeleine are trying to get a gig showing off the wonders of life in the year 2000, complete with gadget that we would think of today as retrofuturistic. But it's when they debut their time machine on the stage that things start getting goofy.

1900-2000 was directed by Benoît Berthe, Gabrielle Locre, Armelle Renac, Vivien Risser, Agathe Pillot, and Caroline Le Duff. It's a delightful time-travel romp, inspired by French artist Villemard's 1910 postcards imagining life in the year 2000. We wouldn't mind taking a vacation with Georges and Madeleine, but it looks like Madeleine should probably do the driving.


[via Supinfocom]

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