Impressively, Jason Momoa Still Knows His Dothraki From Game of Thrones

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Jason Momoa’s stint as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones was notable but not exceptionally lengthy. Despite not having appeared on the show since 2012, however, Momoa hasn’t lost his Dothraki chops.


On a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Momoa took a trip down memory lane, recalling his time as one of “the Drogos” and whipping out some of the fictional tongue, developed for the Game of Thrones TV series by linguist David J. Peterson (based, of course, on coinages from George R.R. Martin’s novels). He speaks two phrases from the language, one to guest Sarah Millican and one for guest Hugh Grant.

I don’t speak Dothraki, but according to one commenter, the phrases he says translate to “You are the Moon of my Life,” an endearment Khal Drogo used for Daenerys, and “The rain will fall on your rotting skin until nothing is left of you but bones,” for Grant. Eesh. That one’s pretty serious.

Memorizing lines is tricky enough when they aren’t in a fictional language, so count me as impressed. I’m looking forward to the Dothraki edition of Hamlet. (Those are the rules, right? All fictional languages eventually end up doing Hamlet?

You can watch the segment, which also features a... questionable set of Halloween costumes, below.


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Lady Commentariat

1. “And for the gentleman” I lost it. Brilliant.

2. I will watch even celebrities I dislike on Graham Norton because Graham Norton

3. Pleased but surprised to see Sarah Millican in the middle of the couch—comedians are usually relegated to the end.