Image: Loud Pictures
Image: Loud Pictures

A new scifi short is all about a woman who doesn’t feel like she belongs... probably because she’s actually an alien. So, she sets on a quest to get home, though not without her trusty teddy bear.


Loud Pictures recently released Home, an 11-minute scifi film by Blake Calhoun about a young woman who’s trying to find answers after the disappearance of one of her identical sisters (they’re triplets). We learn throughout the film that she believes her sister was taken by aliens, or perhaps all three of them are aliens, and her sister was the first one to actually get back to their home planet.

Using little dialogue, the short does a solid job at conveying the protagonist’s fears, doubts, and eventual hopes as she tries to join her sister in the cosmos. You can check out the short film below. There’s also a VFX reel if you’re curious to see how the film’s special effects were created.


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