Impressionist paintings of scenes from zombie movies

Artist George Pfau draws from impressionism and pointillism to create paintings of scenes from zombie movies. And, like the undead menace at the beginning of the movies who appear nothing more than feral humans, the zombies only just emerge from the landscapes.

This isn't the first time Pfau has explored the zombie genre through art; his Zombie Index examined the notion of zombie plural and individual identity through an interactive painting. His Zombiescapes are a particularly fascinating blend of movies and fine arts. It's easy enough to identify which painting belongs to which movies (up top it's Night of the Living Dead), but the impressionistic style invites us to consider the zombie figures deprived of their dead faces and movie gore. Do we identify them as zombies based on their placement in the scene and their body language? Or are they transformed into living humans, perhaps out for an ordinary stroll on the square or a trip to the mall?


Zombiescapes [via Boing Boing]

Shaun of the Dead:

The Walking Dead:


Dawn of the Dead:




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