Imagine If There Was Another You Out There

Same eyes, same hair, same habits. The only thing different? This theoretical other you lives on an exact replica of Earth, that until now was totally unknown to our world. What lengths would you go to meet your simulacrum? And what secrets would you discover about your own presumed unique spirit if you actually found your duplicate?


Another Earth, the critically acclaimed film from Fox Searchlight Pictures, had everyone asking these questions at Sundance last year, and now it's your chance to answer them for yourself. Prepare to find your match because Another Earth is finally hitting select theaters on July 22.

The melancholy, yet compelling feature grapples with the fascinating second world scenario, as it follows the journey of Rhoda Williams, a young MIT student who's life is thrown into chaos by a series of chance events that transpire on the night the new planet is discovered.

While the premise is seemingly the stuff of fiction, several leading theoretical physicists think parallel universes are not totally beyond reach—making Another Earth's concept that much more arresting.

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