Images of a massive, futuristic Megacity glittering in the night

Artist Yang Yongliang studied traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy at the Shanghai Fine Arts Institute, and his digitally manipulated images blend traditional landscapes with sometimes surreal and sometimes futuristic images. In his series The Moonlight, he transports China's rolling hills into the hyper-urbanized future, where they house a sprawling megalopolis that shimmers at night.

Many of Yang's digital art series involve the unexpected juxtaposition of the natural with the manmade. His Artificial Wonderland covers the mountains and flatlands with industrial cranes and power lines as well as pine trees. A Bowl of Taipei situates landscapes in bowls of soup. For his mountain megalopolis, he created not only static images, but as a video titled "The Day of Perpetual Night" that lets you see the luminous bustle of the city.


The Moonlight [Yang Yongliang via Colossal]


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