Image's Kirkman Explains Guardian Teases

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Not content with tweaking Marvel for their Avengers teases, Image Comics flirted with copyright law by teasing Harry Potter as a member of their Guardians Of The Globe series, right before writer Robert Kirkman explained all.


Yesterday's final teaser for the six-issue Guardians series saw an even bigger surprise than Barack Obama's appearance:

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Talking to Comic Book Resources, Kirkman revealed that this week's series of images don't reveal anything other than the title of the book:

Look, these teasers - this week has been all about just trying to have fun, doing some cool stuff, getting a little bit of notice and getting the name of the book out there. Sure, I'm poking fun at Marvel a bit, but it's really all in good fun... The fans seem to be enjoying it. I've seen mostly positive responses. I've seen some people saying that it's sour grapes on my part, but sour grapes for what? I don't really understand that - I decided to do creator-owned books and I couldn't be happier. I'm not upset at Marvel. I just didn't want to work there anymore, so I stopped.

The real members of the team, which spins out of Kirkman's Invincible, will be revealed next week, according to the writer.

Kirkman Defends The Guardians Of The Globe [Comic Book Resources]


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I like the quote on this one. Funny.

As for accusation of Marvel-bashng, well that's NOTHING compared to when Image started. McFarlane wasn't shy of badmouthing Marvel in the letter columns.

And let's not talk about the Spawn/Cerebus crossover issue: the whole POINT of it was to bash Marvel and DC, and not in a subtle way. So what Kirkman is doing? That's harmless fun.