Image Comics' Bone-Chilling Infidel Is Coming to the Big Screen

Aisha being menaced by a spirit.
Aisha being menaced by a spirit.
Image: Aaron Campbell and José Villarrubia (Image Comics)

Though Image’s Infidel is one of the publisher’s newer titles to recently hit stores, TriStar is already moving full-steam ahead with a big screen adaptation, and the studio’s just found a director to helm the film.

Written by Pornsak Pichetshote with illustrations from Aaron Campbell and José Villarrubia, Infidel tells the story of Aisha, a Muslim-American woman, as she and her neighbors come to realize that their apartment building is being menaced by a malevolent, racist presence targeting them for their ethnicities.

Variety reports that Paradise Now and The Mountain Between Us’ Hany Abu-Assad has been tapped to direct the film, with Juliet Snowden and Stiles White attached to adapt the script.


Between Infidel, the Candyman remake, HBO’s adaptation of Lovecraft Country, and the Mary J. Blige-led Body Cam, it’s looking as if there’s about to be a new wave of fascinating horror stories that use genre to explore the complexities of race and bigotry in America.

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The Devil's Twerk

The artwork in this comic is chilling. Not sure how they’re going to nail the ending since it *kinda* opens up the possibility for further stories. I was thinking it might’ve been cooler as an anthology series but considering what Medina did...anyway.

Really hoping this will turns out well. Maybe in my lifetime I’ll get to see The Wicked + The Divine or The Beauty translated to film or TV. And maybe Saga. And maybe Gideon Falls. And maybe Hillbilly. But I’d be cool not seeing any of them if Seven to Eternity was done right.