I'm Totally On Board With The Peanuts Movie After Watching The New Trailer

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The first trailer for The Peanuts Movie was a bit jarring. All our favorite characters were there, along with the tone that made the franchise so popular. But the CG was so different and musical interludes so cringe-worthy. Now, a new trailer finds a balance of all that and ends up looking pretty great.


Okay, so Snoopy dancing at the end of this trailer still makes us shake our heads. But as more new footage of this movie is revealed, you see the love and respect being given to this world. I can even get behind Charlie Brown dancing to “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled because it’s so on the nose and he fails so perfectly. It’s a nice medium between something kids will recognize and a strong thematic moment.

And yes, the film looks unlike any Peanuts product we’ve seen in the past, but it now makes perfect sense. The CG is both modern but also faithful to the original hand-drawn cartoons. Plus, the thought-bubbles in that classic style are a great touch and Charlie Brown’s iconic sad demeanor has never felt more appropriate.


Something about this trailer just screams heart-warming crowd-pleaser, which I’m sure most of us could use.

The Peanuts Movie opens November 6.

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Ehhhh, should’ve gotten Wes Anderson to do it with stop-motion animation or maybe just sad-looking adults dressed like 1960s kids. Or both.