Christian Bale confirms he won't play Batman in Justice League

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Did Stan Lee just confirm a Black Panther movie? Del Toro says Crimson Peak will be “kinky.” Ron Perlman says Hellboy 3 could kill him. Adam Canto might be Sunspot in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The Walking Dead reveals its season premier title and a mysterious S.H.I.E.L.D. billboard appears. Spoilers ahead!


Justice League

It never seemed likely that Christian Bale would play Batman in any possible Justice League movie, but rumors will always swirl. Bale himself has addressed the speculation and confirmed he will not be returning as Batman. Bale says:

“We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three [Batman films]. That’s enough. Let’s not get greedy. Chris [Nolan] always said he wanted to make it one film at a time. And we ended up sitting there looking at each other, saying ‘We’re about to make the third.’ We never really knew if we were going to get to be there, but if that was how it was going to be, this was where it should end as well.”

He elaborates he has no knowledge about the Justice League movie:

”I have no information, no knowledge about anything. I’ve literally not had a conversation with a living soul. I understand that they may be making a Justice League movie, that’s it.”

As for someone else being Batman:

“It’s a torch that should be handed from one actor to another. So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with.”


[Entertainment Weekly]

The Black Panther

Stan Lee might have just confirmed The Black Panther movie at Wizard World Comic Con in New York City. Here is the quote:

"The people at Marvel are spending hours trying to think 'What'll we do next?' And there's a damn good chance that they will think just what you mentioned because it would be a great idea, and little by little, everything you want to see will come along because they're just like you. They're fans of the stories and are trying to think, 'What will the fans like to see next? What would we like to see next?' So they're working on Ant-Man, working on Doctor Strange; they're working on Guardians of the Galaxy; they're working on God knows what. Did I say the Black Panther also? They're the ones I know about."




After seeing District 9, Matt Damon really wanted to work with Neil Blomkap, and he had wanted to do a quality science fiction movie for some time. Damon says Elysium was an easy decision:

"The big appeal was Neill. I saw 'District 9' and flipped out like everybody else. I had my eye on him as somebody that I wanted to work with and then the next thing he was doing suddenly came my way, so it was a really easy decision for me."


And in another interview he said:

"I love scifi but there aren't many scifi movies that have come out while I've been around that have been great. There was 'The Matrix', obviously, but I never got a shot at that. They're the funnest movies as a moviegoer to see, so I'd been looking for one but just nothing had come around."



Here is the new TV Spot for the film.


Belen, a small New Mexico town, is being transformed for the shooting of the Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman-starring Transcendence. A miniature abandoned cityscape has been built over a couple blocks of the downtown by putting façades over existing buildings and construction in empty lots. The streets will also be filled with sand. Shooting will begin Jul 8 and continue for ten days. []


The Wolverine

Click here to see several new images of characters from The Wolverine. Bigger versions are at the link. [IGN]


X-Men: Days of Future Past

Adam Canto might have accidentally let it slip that he is playing Sunspot in the movie. A fan tweeted "I'm excited for @adancanto as Sunspot!!", and Canto responded, "Thanks! Next summer." The tweet has since been deleted. []


The Lone Ranger

Armie Hammer confirms he is already signed up for a sequel but warns, "We'll see. It all kind of depends on this one." Ruth Wilson also says she has a deal for three pictures. Johnny Depp, the star attraction, says he has only signed up for this first movie. It is “a one-shot deal” but he also says, "If they started talking sequel on this, I'd be ready to go in a second." [E! Online]


Here is a behind the scenes featurette on how adverse weather conditions hindered shooting.

And here is the latest clip.

Crimson Peak

Guillermo del Toro gives some details about the movie and says it is different then anything he has ever done in English.

Crimson Peak is a much, much, much smaller movie, completely character-driven. It's an adult movie, an R-rated movie, pretty adult. Shockingly different from anything I've done in the English language. Normally, when I go to do a movie in America for the spectacle and younger audience, for Blade or whatever. This movie's tone is scary and it's the first time I get to do a movie more akin to what I do in the Spanish movies.

The thing I do in those movies is recontextualization, take a movie and then move it into a completely different place," he added. "Like a Gothic and then move it into the Spanish Civil War [The Devil's Backbone]. This is a Gothic romance, haunted house, in the north of England.


He goes on to explain the movie:

[It] has moments that are very visceral, physical violence. You're in this sort of sedate romance and then there is this brutal moment where you're like, "Whoa!" And it has a lot of kinky moments. The only kinky moment I've ever shot is the leg fuck in The Devil's Backbone. [laughs] This has a little more kinkiness than that.


[Shock Til You Drop]

Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro explains why the Mexican Jaeger was cut:

"We had a Mexican Jaeger with two ex-convicts that got a deal. They told them that, 'If you drive a Jaeger one more time, we'll give you freedom.' But it was just too many backstories. When you finish the first draft of a script and it's a 150 pages, you go, 'Hmm, that's not going to happen.' Our final draft was 135 pages and our first cut of the movie was almost 3 hours." [Shock Til You Drop]


Here is some behind the scenes footage that shows Guillermo del Toro directing and a look at some of the set. []

Hellboy 3

While the actual production of Hellboy 3 is an uncertain proposition, Ron Perlman give clues about the vision and content of the potential movie:

[Hellboy 3] needs to be twice as big as Hellboy 1 or Hellboy 2. It's all of these oracles coming home to roost with these apocalyptic things taking place... Guillermo's version of this resolve in the trilogy is epic in scope. Not just anybody can make this movie. It has to be somebody who's no stranger to this sense of scope.

For me to do Hellboy 3, it could kill me - in terms of physically demanding, for a guy my age, but it's worth it because anyone who sits and listens to Guillermo's version of how this thing ends is completely seduced. It's so theatrical and compelling and if you liked the first two movies in any way, shape or form, this is the ultimate one-two punch.




Another day, another awesome Riddick poster. [IGN]

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The Walking Dead

Inside sources are saying the season four premier episode –written by new showrunner Scott M. Gimple, will be called “30 Days Without an Accident.” [TVLine]


Under the Dome

Mare Winningham will guest star on the show. She will play Agatha, "a deceptively warm caretaker who welcomes Big Jim into the Chester’s Mill home she’s looking after. However, it quickly becomes apparent that her intentions are anything but pure." [TV Line]


Executive Producer Neal Baer says Under the Dome is about real issues:

We're in a drought in the Southwest right now and we're going to possibly run out of water under the dome. How do we deal with those things without banging the audience on the head?

We'll see our characters live through it and deal with it and fight and have conflicts about it. Whether you take something away from that and think about your own lives is something we hope you do, but it's a rich arena for exploring all these issues today, whether it's governmental or sustainability or running out of medicines.



Official description of episode four.

“Outbreak” – The people of Chester’s Mill fall into a state of panic as an outbreak of meningitis strikes their community, threatening their already depleted medical supplies. Meanwhile, Julia continues to search for answers into her husband’s disappearance.



Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This mysterious billboard for the show has appeared in Hollywood. [Entertainment Weekly]

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Patrick Heusinger (Black Swan and Gossip Girl) has been cast as the recurring character Adam, a handsome rogue with a good sense of humor who lives life to the fullest [Entertainment Weekly]


Teen Wolf

TV Equals intervened Tyler Posey and Keahu Kahuanui about what is coming up next. [TV Equals]

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I'm reasonably sure that Lone Ranger is going to be the bomb of the year.