I'm Not 10 Years Old But I'm Still Going to Try and Squeeze Into These Amazing Superhero Winter Coats

After completely wowing us with its new line of Marvel and DC Comics “secret identity” and “alter-ego” formal wear, Fun.com is back with a line of winter coats and snowsuits that will make you envious of every 10-year-old who’s out sledding while dressed like Iron Man, Batman, the Hulk, and other superheroes.


Even the Superman, Thor, and Captain America versions are fan-freaking-tastic, despite those characters being less of a fan favorite. Each coat is completely water-repellent and insulated, but also feature custom-shaped zipper pulls and buttons, pockets for electronics and lift tickets, a removable hood, wrist gaiters to keep the sleeves pulled down, and adjustable straps so it always fits snugly. They range in price from $80 to $100 if you pre-order, with delivery expected sometime in November.

Fun.com has also added a collection of Marvel and DC-themed winter gear for adults, but the designs are a little more toned down and aren’t quite as role-playing-compatible as the kids’ coats are.

However, there is an adult version of that Iron Man snowsuit you will undoubtedly happily wear the next time you go snowboarding. It will set you back $120 for the coat, and $100 for the pants, but don’t pretend for a second that even a steep price tag is going to stop you from grabbing this set before the winter arrives.



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