I'm Not Sure How to Feel About this Neko Case Video About Geeks

Awesome singer-songwriter Neko Case got together with Kelly Hogan to make the song "These Aren't the Droids" for the 2776 comedy/music benefit project. A lot of the sight gags are great, but the "geek stuff is for boys" message is a little ... outdated.


It's hard to tell exactly what Case and Hogan are trying to say here, because a lot of this is just them goofing around. But they are very clear about one thing: they think geek culture is for 13-year-old boys, and that women have no place in it. They sing about a feminist future where geek culture is replaced by girl power and kittens, which is frankly weaksauce. Why not just join the geek girl revolution that has been going on for — oh, ten years or so? Still, the video also features a woman (Ellie Kemper) who is liberated by science, so I'm honestly not sure what the hell Case and Hogan are trying to say.

Anyway, the video is cute, but it feels like it was made by people who know almost nothing about geek culture — and who haven't encountered amazing geek bands like The Doubleclicks, who make it obvious that nerds can be women and sing about it too.


I think the message is pretty clear. Its about how Geek culture has been and remains more or less a Boys Club that women can only marginally penetrate on their own terms, and satirizing the juvenile fears most of geek culture thinks of the ways women would change 'their' territory if they were able to engage with it on their own terms.