I'm Katharine Trendacosta, io9's New Night Editor. Come Say Hi!

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Hey all, I'm Katharine M. Trendacosta, and I'll be io9's first night editor starting tonight. You may or may not recognize me from Morning Spoilers or any of the various other things I've written for io9 over the last few years. But now, good news! (or bad, if you haven't liked me at all): I'm working here full-time.


As night editor, I'll be here for all the night owls and people in time zones where it's actually day. I come to io9 through the culture researcher job, but I'm aiming to hit all of io9's subject areas each night. That means science, science fiction, futurism, and the generally cool or nerdy. I come unapologetically from the fandom side of the Internet, having spent entirely too much of my middle school years on Star Trek fansites.

Other than what we cover at io9, I'm a huge fan of history of all kinds. I majored in history in undergrad and graduated law school last week (which was the inspiration for this). You can reach me at katharine@io9.com or follow me on Twitter as @k_trendacosta.

In the comments, why not tell me what you want to see in the nights? Feel free to ask me questions, I'll answer pretty much anything. Here ,I'll start: Q: Why is your first name spelled that way? A: Because my parents knew I'd be spelling my last name for everyone and they thought that I should also have to spell out my first name. For maximum time wasting.



...How in the world are you going to balance this job with a career in law?