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Photo: The Fowndry
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I never developed a taste for tea, or hot leaf water, as it should be more accurately called. But how else am I going to justify spending $71 on a novelty stovetop kettle shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet? It’s even got a tiny replica of Vader’s lightsaber for its handle. How am I supposed to resist that? I’m only human!

I’m impressed no one has really made the connection between Vader’s helmet and kettles before, especially given the glut of Star Wars-themed kitchen accessories already out there. But check out this epic item description:

In space, no-one can hear you steam… which is a shame because the superbly menacing Darth Vader Kettle has a whistle that could awaken The Force.

Fancy a fragrant cup of Darthjeeling or a nice Hoth mug of java? Then let the Dark Lord of the Sith lend a heat-resistant gloved hand. Styled to resemble the silhouette of Vader’s iconic shiny armoured bonce (albeit with a Lightsaber welded to it), this officially licensed, high quality stainless-steel stovetop kettle will have 1.7L of water boiling with barely suppressed rage faster than you can say ‘the brew is strong with this one...’

I find your lack of Earl Grey disturbing.
Photo: The Fowndry

Made from stainless steel and plastic, I’m a little disappointed this kettle’s whistle doesn’t somehow play John Williams’ “Imperial March” when your water starts boiling. But who am I kidding? I have zero use for boiling hot water most days, but this is still going to end up in my cupboards.

[The Fowndry via Laughing Squid]

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