Although the '90s live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise ended after a brief dalliance with Vanilla Ice and teaching samurai how to make pizza, a fourth movie was planned at one point. It was going to be a "grittier, less kid-friendly affair," and thus co-creator Kevin Eastman was hired to do some concept art, which Heritage Auctions recently put up for sale. It turns out we narrowly missed Kirby, the "brutish, hardcore" fifth turtle (named after Jack Kirby, who I'm sure would have been honored). a variety of hilariously '90s-looking villains, and April O' Neil in an outfit that will shock you, unless you remember that Eastman was married to Penthouse Pet and leather enthusiast Julie Strain for most of two decades. Here are some of the weirder designs; you can check out more at