ILM Will Blow You Away With Digital Breakdown of Rogue One Scarif Battle

Screengrab via Twitter
Screengrab via Twitter

Industrial Light and Magic isn’t done showing us how the delicious sausage gets made. Its latest Rogue One visual effects breakdown goes into how the company created the final space battle above Scarif, and it’s a feast for the eyes.


ILM’s been sharing some of its visual effects over the past few months, including its work on Rogue One and Doctor Strange. I will say, watching this battle’s creation is something special. Director Gareth Edwards combined practical sets, props, and handheld camera work to make a visually dynamic battle that’s considered one of the Star Wars series’ finest. It’s incredible seeing X-wings darting in and out of the frame, while Star Destroyers violently collide into one another, thanks to a mix of practical and digital effects.

As mentioned before, this and other Rogue One visual effects videos are designed to nab those sweet Oscar votes, as Rogue One is up for Best Visual Effects against films like The Jungle Book, Doctor Strange, and Kubo and the Two Strings. If Rogue One wins, it would be the first time a Star Wars film received the Oscar for Best Visual Effects since Return of the Jedi in 1983.


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These are impressive, but goes far too quickly. Kind of gives it a

sort of feeling. Not to say that it’s a how-to video, but the level of detail would benefit from a slower assembly, with more of a focus on the intricacies.