This Force Awakens Special Effects Reel Will Blow Your Mind

The only thing more impressive than invisible visual effects of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is seeing the work that went into them. Industrial Light & Magic did Oscar-nominated effects work gets stripped totally naked in this brand new VFX breakdown.


This four-minute video pretty much goes from the beginning to the end of The Force Awakens and shows all the layers and details that went into many of the film’s biggest scenes. Things start simple; an actor and a set or maybe nothing at all. Then sections fly into the frame. Seeing the trench on Starkiller Base dropped in piece by piece, for example, is mind-blowing. Just try to imagine the amount of time that went into that work versus how fast it flickers before our eyes.


Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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John Cooley

My takeaway from this is that George Lucas’s problem wasn’t that he used too much CGI... he was just 10 years too early. He payed the price that most pioneers pay; being the first but not the best.

But seriously, it’s incredible to know that it only goes up from here. The effects in Rogue One already look ahead of what we saw in TFA. Who even knows what visual splendor awaits us in VIII and beyond.