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ILM creates and destroys future San Francisco in Star Trek 2 VFX reels

We may have possibly had a few issues with Star Trek Into Darkness, but I think we can all agree it looked pretty. Industrial Light and Magic just released two behind-the-VFX videos, including how they transformed a shot of pretty much nothing into the Enterprise crashing through a massive metropolis.

And here's the making of the movie's opening scene. Thank god Abrams gave those aliens that extra eyelid, am I right? Totally made the scene.


[Via First Showing]

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Wow, thanks for reminding me how much I hate what Abrams did to the Enterprise. The original vision for that ship was amazing—for the first time in popular SF, here was a ship that wasn't streamlined, wasn't even remotely capable of landing on a planet. This ship would never touch any of your grimy and pedestrian rockballs; she was a creature of literally unearthly grace and power, never meant to be anyplace but in the Great Beyond.

So what does Abrams do the minute he gets his grubby meathooks on the franchise? He has the Enterprise constructed on Earth! Surrounded by scaffolds and corn! And then in the second movie, just to really grind his thumb in the eye of the fans, he turns the stupid thing into a submarine!

Faugh. Abrams is dead to me now. He can do whatever he wants with Star Trek, Star Wars... hell, he can take over Stargate and Star Search too for all I care. I ain't watching any of them again. He can shove his interstellar U-boat right where the sun don't make lens flares.