Illustrations of Petra Pan, the Genderswapped Girl Who Wouldn't Grow Up

Artist Marion, also known as Galaxyspeaking, does a puckish genderflip of Peter Pan, reimagining the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up as a girl named Petra, who traipses through Neverland with her crew of Lost Girls and her male fairy companion, Tinkerbell.


Galaxyspeaking explains that she is currently working on a comic with her genderswapped Peter Pan characters. (You can see the first two pages on her Tumblr.) So far, she's posted her version of Captain Hook, the Darling children (now Joan, Wren, and Michelle), and Miss Flee, in addition to a handful of sketches. Hopefully we'll get to see some Lost Girls soon.

Petra Pan [galaxyspeaking via things to keep]

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