Ignorance Is Bliss For Marvel Movies

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While one of the geek selling points for Marvel Studios' movies may be characters crossing over as they build to massive team-up movie The Avengers, such spirit of camaraderie doesn't seem to have spilled over to the teams working on the movies behind the scenes. Or, at least, that's what Iron Man 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux is trying to make us believe.


Talking to MTV's Splash Page Blog, Theroux said,

You know, there’s NO dialogue right now - in a great way. I think [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige just wants to make sure we can make the best movie that we can make... Kevin is in all the meetings for all the movies, and is the sort of connective tissue – the neurons if you will – running between the meetings. Making sure all the things can be connected.

We're not convinced that this is really the case; after all, Iron Man director Jon Favreau is also producing Avengers, so we'd like to think that he's keeping an eye on the development of both movies. And, no matter how good at his job as Feige is, would the President of the studio really be the point person for making sure that everyone's keeping their stories straight?

We think that Theroux either has accidentally missed the teams of continuity mavens in each script meeting, or is trying to sell us on the idea of a blockbuster summer movie franchise having greater artistic integrity than anyone would expect - or even want, really. The alternative would be make us far too concerned that Kevin Feige didn't read his job description closely enough.

‘Iron Man 2’ Screenwriter Justin Theroux Confesses There Is No Dialogue With Other Marvel Writers [MTV Splash Page]


I am all for less dialogue and more explodie.