Iggy Pop's entire Star Trek acting career, in under 3 minutes

In the 1970s, beanpole rock legend Iggy Pop provided animalistic shrieks for his band The Stooges, whipped his genitalia out, and rolled around in broken glass and bloody peanut butter. And in 1997, Pop would guest-star on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine at the request of DS9 bigwig Ira Steven Behr (below).

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Pop's role? Yelgrun, a Vorta negotiator in charge of a prisoner exchange with the Ferengi. Watch as the man who knows how to dance like a Satanically possessed cobra act as stoically extraterrestrial as possible. There's sadly no singing, but Iggy — as Michelle Trachtenberg's father — did serenade the prom on the Nickelodeon children's show The Adventures of Pete and Pete.


[Via Dangerous Minds]

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Wife and I watched all of DS9 over the last few months. We got to this episode, and when Yelgrun showed up I was like "HOLY SHIT IS THAT IGGY POP?!"

My wife did not know who Iggy Pop was. Mixed feelings were had.