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Iggy Pop Is Indeed Playing A Serial Killer In Dario Argento's New Film

Illustration for article titled Iggy Pop Is Indeed Playing A Serial Killer In Dario Argentos New Film

Italian horror master Dario Argento made his mark with gorgeously gory films like Suspiria, Inferno, Deep Red, and Tenebre. His creative heyday (late 1970s to the mid-1980s) may be over (though 2007's Mother of Tears had its moments) — but the 74-year-old's latest boasts a bit of stunt casting so intriguing, it just might make the film worth seeking out.


In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, sinewy punk god (and Star Trek cameo-maker) Iggy Pop holds forth on his role in Argento's forthcoming, successfully crowdfunded The Sandman, which is based not on the Neil Gaiman series, but rather the 1816 German short story by The Nutcracker and the Mouse King author E.T.A. Hoffman.

The updated plot, per the film's Indiegogo page:

Going back to the dark, original German legend: the REAL Sandman was someone who stole the eyes of any children that wouldn't just close them and go to sleep... he'd then go feed them to his hungry children on the moon. How's that for a bedtime story? To share this tale in a contemporary way that only Dario Argento can offer, we've carefully crafted a script like none other.

Illustration for article titled Iggy Pop Is Indeed Playing A Serial Killer In Dario Argentos New Film

Assaying the creepy eye thief will be, of course, Mr. Pop, who told Bloody Disgusting that he's a huge fan of Argento's Suspiria. Of the character, he says:

I think I'll try to bring out the side, the very real side of my personality that can do great harm to others without giving it a second thought, basically. That's how I would play him. In this particular script, if you want to look at it this way, in this Sandman's mind there's a justification because his own mother lost his sight and he has a sort of OCD. He's obsessively, compulsively, repeatedly restoring her sight by stealing the eyes of other people. But I just like the idea that he could do harm and it just rolls off his back and he can do it again and again and again. He enjoys it! He's an artistic Sandman who enjoys a little bit of craftsmanship. He makes dolls that represent the images of each victim and then he decorates the dolls with the eyes of his victims. It's a nice touch.

There's a bit where he has a human counterpart at the beginning of the movie, who's kind of a smarmy Eurotrash art gallery owner, which I'm looking forward to playing because I know a lot about Eurotrash [laughs].

Oh, and speaking of Suspiria and, uh, Eurotrash, another article about The Sandman (this time in Rolling Stone) drops the nugget that the film will contain music by "Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, one of two incarnations of the Goblin band that wrote music for Argento's Suspiria, Profondo Rosso and Phenomena," as well as George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead.

Images via The Sandman Indigogo page.


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Craig Michael Ranapia

Someone needs to Kickstart a trust fund large enough to provide Argento financial security to never make another movie again. Yes, I was traumatized by Mother of Tears — not because it was scary or stylish, but because after all these years the long-awaited successor to Suspiria & Inferno (much under-rated IMO) was that frigging BAD.