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Not to be outdone by Syfy’s “31 Days of Halloween,” IFC has its own October gimmick in the works: “Wake Up and Smell the Evil,” which unleashes B-movie horrors every weekend morning this month. That’s right, morning—because nothing goes better with bacon and a hangover than Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster.


Here’s the full schedule:

Saturday, October 8:

War of the Colossal Beast @ 7:00AM

Voodoo Woman @ 8:30AM

The Brain Eaters @ 10:15AM

Sunday, October 9:

Cat Girl @ 7:45AM

The She Creature @ 9:15AM

Invasion of the Neptune Men @ 11:00AM

Saturday, October 15:

Teenage Caveman @ 8:19AM

Creation of the Humanoids @ 9:49AM

Day the World Ended @ 11:48AM

Sunday, October 16:

Blood of the Vampire @ 7:00AM

Earth vs. the Spider @ 9:00AM

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster @ 10:45AM

Saturday, October 22:

The She Creature @ 6:30AM

The Horror of Party Beach @ 8:15AM

Friend Without a Face @ 10:00AM

Sunday, October 23:

Teenage Caveman @ 6:00AM

Cat Girl @ 7:30AM

Invasion of the Neptune Man @ 9:00AM

Teenage Caveman @ 10:45AM

War of the Colossal Beast @ 12:15PM

Saturday, October 29:

The Flesh Eaters @ 8:00AM

How to Make a Monster @ 10:00AM

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster @ 11:45AM

Earth vs. the Spider @1:30PM

Sunday, October 30:

The Brain Eaters @ 6:00AM

Blood of Dracula @ 7:15AM

Undead @ 8:45AM

The Langoliers: Part 1 @ 11:00AM

The Langoliers: Part 2 @ 1:00PM

The Hills Have Eyes 2 @ 3:15PM

The programming stunt isn’t just a tie-in for Halloween—it’s also a chance to promote IFC’s new horror comedy, Stan Against Evil, which looks like it’ll have some midnight-monster-movie leanings itself. (It previews October 31, then officially starts November 2.)

Any of the above films would make for enjoyable viewing—The Hills Have Eyes 2 may be one of few moments in cinema history that features a flashback remembered from a dog’s POV—but a really fun one is 1964's Horror of Party Beach, which got the MST3K treatment back in 1997. Here’s the trailer:

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