If You've Only Seen Disney's Pinocchio, Read This Webcomic Adaptation

While most of us are familiar with the cartoon musical version of Pinocchio, the mischievous puppet started life in Carlo Collodi's 1883 novel The Adventures of Pinocchio. This comic adaptation, by cartoonist KC Green, goes back to the original text, 19th-century Italian jokes and all.

Green's webcomic Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio follows Pinocchio's adventures from the novel, including the bits that Walt Disney excised from the feature film. Collodi's Pinocchio is much less innocent and much more obnoxious, defying his father Geppetto and getting him in all manner of trouble. Green, who created Gunshow and writes the webcomic Back, translates the sometimes dark humor of Collodi's book with his own wonderful slapstick, and adds annotations to explain the jokes that are peculiar to its setting. The familiar characters—Pinocchio, Geppetto, the Talking Cricket—are all there, but in un-Disneyfied fashion. It helps that Green's cartooning is energetic and sometimes goofy, keeping the sometimes grim aspects of the story amusing.


If you've been curious about the original story of Pinocchio but haven't yet dipped your eyeballs into Collodi's text, check out Green's adaptation.

[Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio]

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