If you've got fandom feels, this tumbr has a gif for it

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The tagline for the tumblr Fandom: Like Fine Wine is "Best left alone in the dark for a few years," which seems very apt. If you've ever tried in vain to explain something to your non-fannish friend/co-worker/parent/significant other and wished you had a visual aid, this is for you!


Everything is covered. Including the aforementioned "explaining fandom" experience. It's hard to pick favorites, but I'll go with the one that always makes me laugh:

Giving Up on a WIP


Go and enjoy a mix of laughter and ". . . yeah, that's about right."

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Speaking as someone who loves fanfiction/fanart from certain shows/books/movies, the thought of socializing (even online) with other people in said fandom terrifies me. Meeting them in real life sounds comically horrible; I certainly wouldn't want to be in a room full of other people as weird and awkward as myself.

Concerts are bad enough: "Ew, so other people who like my music are like THIS? ...wait, am -I- like this?"