If You're Lost You Can Look—But You Won't Find It, Time After Time (Because It Just Got Canceled)

Image: ABC/Giovanni Rufino
Image: ABC/Giovanni Rufino

Since there are approximately eleventy billion time travel shows on TV right now, you could have made a bundle betting on which one would get canceled first. If you had Time After Time, ABC’s reimagining of a 1979 movie involving H.G Wells (yes) and Jack the Ripper (yes, again) traveling on Wells’ time machine (third yes) to the present.


In 2016, it looked like time travel was going to be the new zombies. In addition to Doctor Who—which at this point almost doesn’t count as a time travel show as much as it does a tradition—the last few years have seen Legends of Tomorrow, Outlander, and 12 Monkeys all enjoy success. Frequency, Timeless, Making History, and (of course) Time After Time were announced last year as the latest contenders to join that list.

Frequency hasn’t been officially canceled by the CW, but it’s not looking good. But at least it managed to air all of the episodes it had shot! Timeless likewise made it to a season one finale, without any word about being picked up for a second season. Making History debuted on literally the same day as Time After Time, and it’s made it to more episodes.

So, with five episodes aired and two lost to time, Time After Time has been canceled by ABC after averaging 2.2 million viewers an episode. In what can only be described as adding insult to injury, the Alec Baldwin-hosted Match Game will take over its slot.

I’m sorry, weirdly naive H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper with a preternatural understanding of the 21st century. I guess you... ran out of time.


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