This may just be a less savory medical paper than the case of the STD-giving blow-up doll. In a recent study โ€” "Subcutaneous Penile Insertion of Domino Fragments by Incarcerated Males in Southwest United States Prisons: A Report of Three Cases" โ€” from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers investigated a series of dire events that had nothing to do with a Van Morrison song:

Introduction.โ€‚ Self-insertion of penile foreign bodies is performed worldwide, largely due to a perception that it will enhance sexual performance and virility. There are relatively few cases reported in the United States.

Aim.โ€‚ We report three cases of Hispanic men incarcerated in separate southwest United States prisons who utilized a similar technique to insert foreign bodies fabricated out of dominos into the subcutaneous tissues of the penis [...]

Results.โ€‚ In each case, an incarcerated Hispanic male or fellow inmate filed a domino into a unique shape for placement under the penile skin. Utilizing the tip of a ballpoint pen or a sharpened shard of plastic to create a puncture wound, each man inserted the domino fragment into the subcutaneous tissue of the penis. All three men presented with infection requiring operative removal.

Conclusions.โ€‚ Incarcerated males put themselves at risk for injury and infection when attempting penile enhancement with improvised equipment.


Well, those are some rather elucidating conclusions. I wonder if these findings apply to Mah Jongg tiles as well.

Via Improbable Research. Image: Kayaker1024's Flickr.