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If Your Life Were Fanfiction, How Would It Be Tagged?

Illustration for article titled If Your Life Were Fanfiction, How Would It Be Tagged?

Now you can find out! Ever since I found it, I have been completely unable to stop clicking the “generate tag” button on the AO3 Tag Generator. Full warning: Not only are a some of these NSFW, even the ones that aren’t will break your brain.

Sometimes the tags on the fanfiction of Archive of Our Own are unintentionally hilarious. Sometimes they’re purposefully hilarious. The tumblr has a bunch (I personally can’t quite get over “horses, arguing”) for your perusal. But now a generator will provide some for your own use. I use them to describe my life, but they can also be inspirational. “Celebratory cowboy promposal” seems like it would be an excellent Brokeback Mountain highschool AU. And “existential werewolf mainpain” had to be from Teen Wolf, right?

I also got “historically accurate mathematical fluff,” which is, honestly, a fair summary of what we get up to here at io9. So let us know what tag you got and what it means to you. Or, alternately, provide us with the tags you’d use for life.


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“Rage-fueled garden handjobs.”

I’m copyrighting this. See you guys in a year when it’s the next 50 Shades.