If you watch one more Gangnam Style parody, make it Klingon Style

Yes, there have been a lot of Gangnam Style parody videos, and there are sure to be plenty more, but how many of those are performed in Klingon? Comediva introduces us to the wonders of Klingon Style, complete with tri-dimensional chess, a dancing Data, and a little Vulcan kid with some real moves. We don't get horses, but we do get Guinan.


And in cast you were wondering what our Klingon PSY is rapping about, Comediva has helpfully posted both a transliteration and a translation of the lyrics. It starts off like this:

qavan raHtar. be' 'IHqu' SoH. Qapla' jay'! Ha'
Kha-vaan rach-tar. Beh ich'khoo soch ka-plaa' jaay, chaa
I salute you, woman. You are a very pretty woman. F*cking success. Let's go!

'Iw HIq Datlhutlh. SoH qalegh. Qut, Qut. QeDpIn be' je. maw'.
Eeww hreek da-tlootl. Schoch ka-lerrh. Khroot, khroot. Kedepin beh jeh. Mao.
You drink bloodwine. I see you. Dirty. Dirty. Science officer and lady. Crazy.

nughoStaH nuq? parmaq, manga'chuq. Qut Ha' maruch
nu-hrrosh-tach nook. par-maak, maa-ngaat-schook. Khroot, hraa, maa-rootsch.
What is coming toward us? Romance and sex. Qut. Let's go. Let's do this!


It's much more nuanced in Klingon.

Klingon Style [Comediva via Geeks Are Sexy]

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Is that supposed to be Riker and Tuvok playing tri-dimensional chess and then fighting? Or am I just reading too much into it?