If You Want to Have Sex, Don't Eat Breakfast with Your Family

A study of 3000 Japanese people has revealed that those who rarely eat breakfast with their families typically started having sex a year and a half earlier than the national average.

The study, which was commissioned by a group attempting to prevent unwanted teen pregnancies, believe that teens who don't breakfast with their families may have unhappy family lives. That's one possible reason why they, on average, tend to lose their virginities at the age of 17 and a half. The average age when Japanese people lose their virginity is 19.


According to Kunio Kitamura, head researcher on the study done by the Japan Family Planning Association, said:

Those unhappy with their parents — such as for not preparing breakfast — may tend to find a way to release their frustration by having sex

So remember, if you don't want your 17.5-year-old to have sex, you'd better get up early and make him breakfast.

Kitamura is also willing to admit there might be another reason for the connection between sex and lack of breakfast: Teens who stay out late at love hotels tend to get back home so late that they miss breakfast.


Yet another brilliant study brought to you by pseudo-science.



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