If You Want Terrible Nightmares Tonight, Watch the Clown Trailer Now

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“There’s no clown coming!” a frantic mom realizes during her kid’s birthday party. No problem—Dad to the rescue, grabbing a costume he randomly finds in a dusty trunk. But that’s no clown suit... it’s the skin of a demon, and it can’t be removed. Slowly, it begins to turn the wearer into a rainbow-wigged monster.


Clown was completed in 2014 but is getting new interest because it’s directed by Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Jon Watts. Frankly, it looks scary as hell. It was produced by horror-hound Eli Roth and will be in theaters and On Demand starting June 17.

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Honestly, I was laughing throughout that trailer. It looks more like a spoof film than a terror film. Maybe just a bad trailer, or perhaps just a silly concept?