If You See A Craigslist Ad For A Rift In The Universe, Don't Answer

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There are a lot of strange things advertised on Craigslist... but the strangest of all might be one rift in the fabric of the universe, in the lost and found section. And this is just the first of many startling wonders being described online and in newspapers, in Kelly Sandoval's story "The One They Took Before."


Sandoval's tale is a great version of fairytale mythos, full of clever touches and deep emotion. And it ends up taking a very different turn than you expect it to, in the end. Here's how it begins:

FOUND: Rift in the Fabric of the Universe – (West Seattle)

Rift opened in my backyard. About six feet tall and one foot wide. Appears to open onto a world of endless twilight and impossible beauty. Makes a ringing noise like a thousand tiny bells. Call (206) 555-9780 to identify.

Kayla reads the listing twice, knowing the eager beating of her heart is ridiculous. One page back, someone claims they found a time machine. Someone else has apparently lost their kidneys.

The Internet isn't real. That's what she likes about it. And if the post is real, the best thing she can do is pretend she never saw it.

After all, she's doing better. She sees a therapist, now. She's had a couple of job interviews.

She calls the number.

Read the rest over at Shimmer Magazine.


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Joe the Tech

In all honesty, I really do need that rift identified. I was leaning towards Azathoth, but now I'm thinking Y'AI'NG'NGAH YOG-SOTHOTH H'EE-L'GEB F'AI THRODOG UAAAH...