It's become a cliché to say, "If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing." Or, "I'd do the same thing again." But could you actually do that in real life? If you rewound your life to your 16th birthday, would it even be possible to duplicate your past actions?

Assuming that you're older than 16 now, then imagine the following scenario: Someone rewinds your life to your 16th birthday, but you get to keep all your memories of your life since then. And you decide that you liked your life so much the first time around, you don't want to change anything. How do you go about doing that?


Would you be able to go through with asking out people who you know are going to shoot you down? Would you still start dating someone, knowing it will only last a few months and be the worst relationship of your life? Could you still struggle to get that first terrible job, that ends up being a total dead-end nightmare? Would you still be willing to move across the country for an opportunity that didn't pan out?

Or do you think you could cherry-pick just the important bits? Skip over the false starts and mistakes and still somehow make the important, defining stuff happen?

What do you think — if you decided you were going to live your life over again, would you be able to pull it off?