In her slam poem Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them, Brenna Twohy quickly gets to the heart of why so many people love their erotica attached to familiar fictional characters while powerfully critiquing certain types of mainstream pornography.


The video is NSFW and may be triggering for its images of sexual coercion.

Twohy’s message here is a clear and powerful one as she juxtaposes Harry Potter-themed pornography with more mainstream pornography—and how important (and valuable) it is to many consumers of erotic fan fiction that the sex is just one part of a larger story and that they know the personalities, names, and faces behind the genitals. Not to mention how certain pervasive types of pornography can offer less realistic, and potentially misleading, portrayals of sexual relationships than even erotic fiction featuring wizards.


[via MetaFilter]

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