If you can't be at Worldcon, this is the next best thing

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There'll never be a webzine to replace the late, lamented Internet Review of Science Fiction, but a new publication, Salon Futura, comes pretty darn close. The first issue includes smart essays, book reviews, and a heartfelt Satoshi Kon obituary.


Salon Futura is edited by Hugo Award winner Cheryl Morgan, who ran the awesome webzine Emerald City and is currently non-fiction editor for Clarkesworld Magazine as well as helping with the indispensable SF Awards Watch and ConReporter.com. The first issue, launched in time for Worldcon, features a great essay on innovation by Sam Jordison, Jonathan Clements' tribute to the late Satoshi Kon, Morgan's own essay on politics in recent science fiction and fantasy, and Karen Burnham's reviews of some recent short fiction that's available online. There's also a gorgeous cover image, R'lyeh by John Coulthart, which you can see a detail from above. And last but not least, there are interviews with China Miéville and Lauren Beukes.

It's well worth checking out, and supporting, a new fledgling non-fiction mag about science fiction culture — and it can help those of us who couldn't make it to Worldcon feel as though we're not missing out on all the cool conversations. [Salon Futura]


Right now I wish I was at PAX.