If We Can Have Wonder Woman Day, Where's Our Wonder Woman Movie?

If the news of her new collaboration with fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg is anything to go by, Wonder Woman is making quite the cultural comeback - and just in time for the third annual Wonder Woman day in Portland, OR and Flemington, NJ, as well. But what we're wondering is this: If she's big enough to get her own day, why can't Warners get it together enough to give us the movie that we're dying for?The success of The Dark Knight may have made Warner Bros. more active on developing superhero projects, but poor Princess Diana's solo project is still in development hell following the studio's disinterest in Joss Whedon's vision (She is still due to appear in the on-again-off-again Justice League movie, should it ever happen, however). Producer Joel Silver has said that he wants to see a Wonder Woman origin movie, but the problem with that is that her origin - she was made out of magic clay - isn't enough for 90+ minutes of movie magic... at least, if you actually want Wonder Woman to be the protagonist of her own movie (Well, unless you adapt Gail Simone's awesome "The Circle" storyline, which flashes back to the origin while also giving an adult WW something to do - namely, fight super-powered Nazis). Reportedly, the movie is currently stalled because no-one can agree on a script direction (they're apparently still working on that, however), although Warners president of production saying that the studio is no longer making movies with female leads probably doesn't help matters that much. Nonetheless, it's a no-brainer that someone should be making a Wonder Woman movie a priority within the studio in the wake of The Dark Knight's success - Not only is she one of DC's "trinity" of core characters (besides Superman and Batman), but she's also one of the most recognizable fictional characters in the world - something that the Von Furstenberg project should make clear. The fact that we're more likely to see a Metal Men movie before a Wonder Woman one - as much as I love the Metal Men - just shows how crazily out of whack Warners' priorities are right now. At least someone finds a silver lining in all of this; current Wonder Woman comic writer Gail Simone has just finished a two-part story about a potential movie with this week's 25th issue, in which she takes the opportunity of a fictional WW movie to suggest just how badly any real movie could end up:


(For what it's worth, we don't think that you'd have to bring back the bondage to make a Wonder Woman movie work for today's audiences... You'd just have to make it good.) Wonder Woman #25 [DC Comics]

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