A giant mushroom measuring 36 inches across and weighing 33 pounds has been discovered by locals in China's Yunnan province. But as grotesquely huge as this fungus appears to be, it's far from being a world record.

It's still not known what species this mushroom belongs to, or if it's even edible. It's also unclear as to whether it can even be considered a single mushroom. Looking at the AP video, it appears to have a single base from which over 100 caps have sprouted out.

But whatever the hell it is, the remarkable specimen was unearthed by locals in the Yunan forest near the township of Puxiong. Nearly 600 species of edible mushrooms are grown in this region each year.


Now, this mushroom may in fact be a world record — but only for its species. It might even go down as the world's largest edible mushroom, but that remains to be seen. Overall, however, larger fungi have been found.

An inedible 57-pound mushroom was discovered last July in British Columbia.

Image: Sebastien Therrien.

And according to LiveScience, a giant honey mushroom (Armillaria ostoyae) was discovered in 1998 growing underground in Oregon. It's estimated to be about 2,384 acres (965 hectares) in size — and at least 2,400 years old.


[Science World Report/AP; top image via AP/You Tube]