If the Wait for Ready Player One is Too Long, Try This Music Video Instead

A screenshot from GUNSHIP’s newest music video.
Photo: GUNSHIP, Jason Tammemagi

Who has the patience to wait for a movie adaptation anymore, anyway? That’s tired. But music video adaptations of books that are also being adapted into film? That’s wired. Welcome to the music oasis. (It’s the OASIS.)

British synthwave band GUNSHIP has released a music video for their (rather great, actually) song “Art3mis & Parzival,” and it’s a glorious pixel art version of Ready Player One, deconstructing Cline’s fiction into the 8-bit glory days it adores. Visit Hyrule, take a tour of Flynn’s Arcade, and—is that a Ninja Gaiden reference? Rad.


Ready Player One the film premieres on March 29th, but this nostalgic love story should sate your thirst until then. Hey, look, it’s Ultraman!

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